Friday, February 3, 2012

OLO? oh yes.

V-day has never been a huge deal to me, BUT ...

"OLO is a tiny fragrance line based in Portland, OR. Each scent is hand blended in limited edition batches." 

Bam. Instant huge deal. 

What makes a gift special to me is that it's unique and reflects my personality and quirky (picky?) tastes. I actually asked for, and got OLO perfume sample kit #1 for Christmas after a trip to Portland where I discovered it (P.S. next time you're in Portland, do yourself a favor and visit Palace, a store that curates the most beautiful clothing). 

OLO perfume is made with essential oils that smell of cedar and violets and leather without the cloying factor that bothers me about most perfume. It's fresh and beautiful, intriguing and  

Girls, treat yourself. Guys, this is your cue. Happy Love Month. 


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