Thursday, July 12, 2012

Two Wed

This past weekend, my best Middle School/High School sleepover buddy // laugh 'til you cry Photobooth partner // "walk down the street linking arms cause we're 14" partner in crime  // wise beyond her years bf -- got married in MA.

Lydia Williams (technically still Luse) is a girl unlike any other. She and her new husband Mike brought together some of the most incredible people - people I'm deciding to have in my life from now on. The rush of emotion was overwhelming at times, but so, so good. What a sweet weekend and joyous wedding.

It was so sweet and so joyous that I completely lost my brain and didn't take any pictures. So, the one above is actually my bridesmaid bouquet drying in the car on the way home. Even though I'm a little sad not to have gotten any more pictures, it's kind of amazing and lovely to have such great memories summed up in one simple image. 


P.S. One of the incredible people that I got to meet is Anne Taylor. She also has a blog and had a mind to take such good pictures of the weekend. Hop on over and take a peek!

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