Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Use What You Got

Sheesh. I have never experienced a December like the one I'm experiencing this year. I won't bore you with the details, but in short, it's been incredibly busy, emotional, and full of unknowns. Even though it's been a bit like being followed around by a wind turbine, I'm still very much looking forward to spending Christmas with my family. Probably more so than past years because of the nature of the past few weeks.

(Side note: it's completely acceptable and possible to pull off a yard sale in 30 degree weather.)

This is the second year so far that my Grandpa won't be with us for Christmas. He was quite a guy. One of his amazing traits was his tradition of wrapping presents with the Sunday funnies. This year I decided to wrap all of my gifts in newspaper. I also got used books from Wonder Book (one of my favorite places) and used them as gift identifiers - instead of name tags. I then tied them with love and Sugar & Cream yarn.

For Dad

For Sis

Not quite the same, but makes me think of him nonetheless. He and my Grandma would be quite proud of my use of resources and frugalness. Some other things they liked to do at Christmas were eat fruit cake (ew), bring the ham, take little naps on the couch, pet the cats, give the greatest, most random presents, and tell my mom that she put together a "veritable feast" at Christmas dinner. While we will miss them again this year, we will think of them with fondness and utilize all of their quirky sayings.

I can't wait.


P.S. what sorts of awesome things do/did your Grandparents do at Christmas time?


  1. That sounds wonderful about your grandparents. :) and I like how you are keeping them around in spirit. I grew up in a military family, so I don't have many if any at all, of holiday grandparent memories. :( but they always made sure we knew who they were and that they loved us. <3

  2. I'm actually spending my Christmas with my grandparents this year. They just woke me up all too early to hit the road to see other family... were it a later hour I would fully welcome the wakeup call! We tended the animals: dogs, cats :), chickens, and now it's off down the snowblown roads of Montana! Best wishes from a fan in Idaho!

  3. Tiffany! I'm sorry you kinda missed out on your grandparents. BUT, it's so great that even though they were distant, they were still successful at making you feel loved. I hope you had a great Christmas. xo

    Michelle, that's probably the cutest thing ever. Tending to the animals with your grandparents sounds like something right out of a movie. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with them! xo