Monday, May 7, 2012

A House, Our Home

We do. Bona fide, working radiators. This has been a dream of mine. They came with the house Galen and I just bought in Hampden, Baltimore, MD. We could not be happier.

It had been FAR too long since I have posted a quality, personal post. The reason mostly being the craziness that home searching/buying can be and was for us, on top of working full-time and recording our new single. But, it was totally worth it.

We have been in our home for 7.5 days and slept in our own bed/bedroom for the first time last night. It was wonderful. We took on the challenge of painting a previously red and yellow bedroom crisp, bright  white with rich, dark sea green trim. It took a bit longer than we originally thought, but we are so pleased with the results - beautiful, calming, our little sanctuary.

Since this project has taken so much of our time, we don't have much else to show for. But it will all come together.

We love our little neighborhood and all it has to offer. The people, the shops, the quaint little homes. It's entirely walkable. So far we have enjoyed these local businesses on 36th St. (The Ave):

Golden West Cafe - Amazing New Mexican food, great atmosphere. They also serve breakfast and have a packed live music calendar.
Holy Frijoles - Cheap Mexican food, fun drinks.
A Common Ground - A local favorite. Brews Zeke's Coffee and has a great selection of fresh pastries from a local bakery.
Trohv - a beautiful gift/home goods shop. They also sell beautifully picked furniture and have a new location in DC.
Hunting Ground - a brand new, vintage clothing and accessories shop in an old church building. They also carry some boutique clothing labels and have a sweet music section - as in guitars and pedals and strings. Galen and I are having to physically restrain ourselves from going crazy here.

We are so excited for this new adventure in our lives and can't wait for friends to come visit and fill our home with love and laughter. More pictures and updates to come.




  1. Ah! I love that you are in Hampden. That is such a great neighborhood. Congrats on the new home!

  2. This is fun. Now I have yet another reason to wish I lived in Baltimore. more pictures of sea green trim, please!

    1. Haha, thanks Peter. More pics to come, I promise!

  3. eek, I can't imagine a person actually wanting radiator heat! I've had nothing but radiator heat for the past 6 years, and I can't wait to go back to central heat. The heat from radiators is usually so spotty and radiator pipes leak really easily and make really loud clunking noises (though, who knows, yours may be calmer than the radiators I've had in the last 6 places I've lived). And gas heat is very expensive, so be careful!. But it's true that the actual radiators themselves are very decorative and pretty. I'm jealous of your ability to paint the walls- I'm sure your new place is lovely.

    1. Haha, to each his own I guess. I've never lived with radiated heat, so this is new for me, but Mr. Smith grew up with it and loved it. We'll see! If I hate it, we can replace it with central when we have piles of disposable income. But it is pretty romantic, at least to look at.

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