Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pining For

One of my happiest of happiest places is falling asleep on the beach. Is there anything like it? Where the wind whips around your head, and you have to completely cover yourself in a towel to escape it, but you can still hear it whistle. You can make a little cradle out of sand and wake up to find the back of your head is asleep. (Does this happen to anyone else?) You can sit and read for hours under an umbrella while munching on potato chips and an egg salad sandwich from the cooler and not feel the least bit of guilt. A bag of cherries is a must, followed by a burial for the all pits I just spit onto the sand. You feel salty all the time from multiple swims in the ocean. And the smell ... that sea smell is just the best.

I'm pining for August.


  1. me too - that slightly sad, end-of-summer feel. the house picture is lovely xx