Monday, September 3, 2012

Bella Notte

Norfolk, VA now holds a special place in my heart. My band, kindlewood loaded up the car on Saturday with instruments and bodies and made the trek to our destination: With Lavender and Lace. Our mission was to make new friends, play some music, raise money for Haiti and have a great time. Check, check, check and check. 

We arrived in the afternoon and were taken such good care of by Elisa - who is going to Haiti next month. She fed us, showed us around and made us feel so, so loved. Elisa planned this whole shindig and I bow to her event planning and organizational skills. 

Some other folks who helped make the night magical are Call Me Cupcake, RAD Vintage America, Jake Hull and Kelsie McNair

My hope is renewed in people's desire to get off the couch, band together and create beautiful things, experiences and relationships. Thank you to everyone in the world who is making this effort!


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